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Hedge fund vs investment banking

hedge fund vs investment banking

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The clients that investment banks service include individuals, corporations, government, and other investment institutions. Investment banks also assist in serving mergers and acquisitions. Commercial and retail banks, while offering similar services, have differences between them as well. The clientele they serve are different; investment banks handle institutions while retail banks serve individuals or small businesses. While there is some overlap between the three types of banking, they all serve different purposes.

In short, a retail bank provides banking services and loans to individuals or small businesses. A commercial bank will handle basic needs like deposits or loans for individuals or companies. An investment bank will deal with the purchasing and selling bonds and stocks for companies and assist with issuing IPOs.

Although their functions may overlap in some areas, the significant differences between the three types of banking regard regulations, risk levels, and benefits. Sell-side and buy-side are two brackets in which investment banks separate their activity. The sell-side bracket includes the trades of securities for cash or other securities for the organization they are serving. Ideally, businesses can turn to their investment bankers in time of question for advice on managing their development. In addition to providing financial advice to companies, investment bankers can ensure that organizations follow all regulatory requirements while maximizing their revenue.

Another critical role that investment bankers will fill is when companies are holding their IPO. Although those descriptions of hedge fund and investment bank clearly define the roles of the two, it can still be a little complicated to understand how the two match up. Take a look at the chart below for a side-by-side comparison of hedge fund and investment banking by different categories:.

Through analyzing the chart listed above, we can break down the primary components of hedge fund and investment banking into five significant distinctions: meaning, focus, risk, investment, and concentration. Comparatively, investment banks use the money from the individual or company to offer financial advisory and investing services. The main goal for hedge funds is to obtain considerable returns in a minimal amount of time. Opposite to that is investment banking, which seeks to focus on safety and gradual growth over time.

High risk and high reward is the name of the game for hedge funds. On the other hand, investment banks tend to have more control and, as a result, less risk involved. Hedge funds pursue highly liquid investments, while investment banks tend to propose plans filled with stocks and shares from multiple investment options for security. By having a concentration that lies on opposite ends of the spectrum, hedge funds are concerned with short term gains, and investment banks prefer to focus their time and energy on long term investments.

While there are many differences between hedge funds and investment banks, a simple determining factor includes the client base they serve. Hedge funds seek to help high net worth individuals only, and investment banks choose to focus on financial institutions. When trying to determine between the two investment options, it is crucial to consider the model in which both operate. Hedge funds are an excellent way for those who are eligible to make a lot of money quickly.

In comparison, investment banking is a reliable option that prioritizes financial stability over the long run. If you are looking to develop your organization, investment banking is likely the better option for you. You will seek out financial advisory support by opting for investment banking, whereas you would not have that option with hedge funds.

Much like everything in life, there are pros and cons to both investment options. Knowing the difference between the two is the first step in educating yourself to make the right decision. Emily is a professionally trained freelance writer who covers a wide range of topics but specializes in business, law and hospitality content.

With over a decade of professional writing experience in the hospitality industry, Emily comes from a strong background in the field backed with a BS from the world-renowned William F. When she is not spending her time freelance writing, Emily enjoys growing her social media skills and spending time with her rescue puppy. Search Search for: Search. But as with many instances in life, unlike a highly controlled science experiment you did back in school, you can never establish perfect comparisons.

You will just have to make do with what you have, but at the same time, be cognizant of existing issues that may skew the findings. Advocators see it as the shortfall risk you may experience should you need to liquidate at an inopportune time. Others will contest that an investor with a long-term horizon would render this reasoning less compelling. And the list goes on. But I am not here to debate this.

Yes, everyone has a point. Volatility is not perfect. It is indeed not a good proxy for many types of risks e. But at present we have no means to adequately quantify some of these risks, much less to unify them into a single sensible statistic.

And if we are talking about large diversified portfolios, as is the case in this exercise, then some of these risks may be dramatically reduced. And to show a slightly better picture, I have also included other metrics like maximum drawdown into this exercise. Much of the flak directed at hedge funds in recent years arise from their relatively poor performance after Since the worst of the subprime crisis in early , we have witnessed one of the longest bull market marked by record low volatility in history, thanks to the central banks for their relentless money printing.

This lead to a sharp contrast in performance, casting a bad light on hedge funds. But to be fair, we should look further back in history and cover more market cycles instead of just cherry picking post period for comparison. I have taken data as far back as This is the earliest for HFRI indices. But it should suffice as we have 3 bear and 3 bull phases to examine over this period of approximately 29 years.

For the chart, I have presented it in log scale, else we would not be able to see the different curves clearly in the earlier years. So how about longer term performance? I thought of sharing my views on this famous bet. Warren Buffett have always been a hedge fund critic. In Dec , he placed a million dollar bet that an index fund would outperform hedge funds over the next 10 years.

And he won. But that is only if you look at absolute returns. On a risk adjusted basis, using Sharpe Ratios, hedge funds still have a slight lead. Moreover, if he had picked a longer period or any other 10 year cycle that exclude post period, the results might have been radically different.

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Should You Work For A Hedge Fund? - How To Get Into The Hedge Fund Industry hedge fund vs investment banking

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