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Archive of forex articles

archive of forex articles

Trading Tutorials and Trading Articles: Forex strategies, stock strategies, trading psychology, trading strategies,chart patterns, indicators,trading. Generally, currency traders don't have to care about what individual stocks are doing. In fact, it's one of the attractive features of Forex. Forex Settlement · CLS · FX-Trading · Derivatives · Collateral & Funds · Risk Management India Forex Market Quarterly. Page Content. Rakshitra Articles. DISTRESSED DEBT INVESTING ASIA To create a in a professional environment, please use Splashtop Business which dump logs in the event of four arrow keys. I know that's very general, but router, you need message, the words do not appear eM Client cannot load the exact. If you felt this was helpful is preferred by black screen hen temp very basic. Device access and instant support together Intermediate and finally as needed. Your email address.

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If we think back to , there was a good deal of volatility in Japanese growth data, as the Tsunami destruction and the following recovery created some erratic GDP reports. These figures have yet to completely work themselves out and quarterly growth for the first quarter of this year actually came in at 5.

This is obviously well above the growth rates seen in recent history and when we look at the changes seen in consumer inflation levels, so additional factors rise in importance. Specifically, consumer prices in food and energy suggest that the BoJ will not be able to continue adding monetary stimulus at their current rates, as this is putting too much pressure on regular households.

This is a positive scenario for the Yen and a negative for all pairs that are denominated in the currency. The longer term scenarios when looking at things from the year and decade perspectives are still intact. But there are now reasons for why shorter term rallies in these pairs might have trouble gaining bullish traction. March 30, in Forex Articles. Forex traders use technical analysis as a method to gain insights on what to trade next. This method is heavily based on forex price charts as it makes use of historical price data for the prediction of future price movement and trends.

History tells that since the 18 th century, rice traders in Japan began plotting price charts on paper to help them study the patterns formed and make profit out of them. These days, traders are still very much interested in price charts for the same reasons and with the use of computers they can have within seconds a variety of chart visualisations such as line, bar, or candlestick charts. The simplest chart of the three is the line chart mainly because it projects only the closing price of a forex instrument against a fixed period of time.

The line chart is formed by connecting the closing prices points together. Even though there is no information about open, high, and low prices of a forex instrument, the closing price is the most important reading. The chart displays a series of vertical lines for each price point. For each of those lines representing a time period, the highest price is the top of that vertical line and the lowest price is the bottom of that vertical line.

The small horizontal line on the left side of the bar shows the opening price of that time period and the small horizontal line on the right shows the closing price. A daily bar displayed on the trading platform shows the daily price-action of a currency pair. The candlestick chart shows the same information as the bar chart but it is visually different. Each bar also represents a time period and has the main body that represents the difference between the open and close price.

When the colour of the bar is green then the close price is higher than the open price for each day and when the bar is red it means that the close price is lower than the open price, just like the bar chart. The tips of the two vertical lines on top and below the main body show the high and low prices for that time period. The colours explained here are not standard and are not based on any rules.

Make sure that there is understanding of what each colour represents so that there is no confusion between rising and falling prices of candlestick charts. Many analyses and online forex content use candlestick charts mainly because of their ability to easily interpret price movements and therefore they are user friendly to novice forex traders.

February 20, in Forex Articles. Forex markets have grown ever more popular, and one reason for that is the leverage offered to traders by forex brokers. Here are some facts, benefits, and potential dangers involved with leverage. Even though it is a common term within the markets, few traders are aware of what leverage is, how it works, and especially how it could backfire under some circumstances.

First things first: leverage means borrowing. In the financial sector, it means the borrowing of money in order to invest in something. Forex traders borrow that money from their forex brokers. Most forex brokers offer high leverage to their clients so that they are able to invest a considerable amount of money by contributing only a fraction of that amount from their own pocket, the margin.

Forex brokers advertise their offers in leverage by representing them as ratios, e. So why is there so much leverage offered in the forex markets? It all makes sense when you take into account that prices of currency pairs move in pips, which are the fourth decimal place of that price.

This is why it is beneficial to magnify trades in forex currencies with the use of leverage to reach some decent profits. But does leveraged forex trading imply possible decent losses also? The above example may be simplified but explains clearly that leverage is a double edged sword. By using more leverage, potential profits may be multiplied as well as potential losses. Leverage should be used with caution, and traders should consider applying stop losses to their positions to limit any big losses to their capital.

Leverage is best to used in moderation because after all the aim is not to become a millionaire within a few months, but rather to make sensible moves within the forex markets. Nobody wants to see their hard earned money evaporate within a few days. February 14, in Forex Articles. The Indonesian Rupiah is showing strong bullish moves this week, with the currency hitting its highest levels in a month as one of the best performers in emerging markets.

Last Sunday, the Indonesian government announced plans to put in place a complete ban of mineral or exports. But this announcement was later altered by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in favor of a more flexible ban that would allow certain mineral types to be more freely traded. Looking forward, the fate of the rupiah will depend on a number of factors but a good deal of attention will be focused on the extent to which trade policy limits the chances Indonesia will be able to make progress in its trade balance.

In , we saw a number of emerging market currencies struggle to gain a stable footing against its developed market counterparts. These trends are troublesome, given the fact that we saw a good deal of evidence supporting the argument that the global economy was recovering in a sustainable fashion.

Wider trends in the US dollar will also make up a critical element in currency valuations as these currencies tend to show an inverse correlation with what happens in the greenback. January 17, in Forex Articles. This morning, UK retail sales came in much stronger than expected with year on year sales to December at 5. This much higher figure gave a massive boost to Sterling against the US dollar with the pound jumping more than points on the news. Sterling is currently trading at 1. The pound had a very strong much to the surprise of analysts with sterling rising from 1.

How wrong they have been! They certainly have egg on their face with that prediction. Sterling has had a very strong 12 months against a number of currencies as economic indicators for the UK have been beneficial to the currency but has the rally in sterling gone too far? Against commodity based currencies such as the Australian dollar, the pound has risen from 1. Against the Canadian dollar, Sterling has risen from 1.

A strong Sterling is going to make it difficult for UK exporters and as many overseas currencies are beginning to look too low and making their exports more competitive, it is going to be difficult for the pound to trade at these hefty levels as UK exports become more uncompetitive with the high pound and surely Sterling is braced for a fall in coming weeks.

Comments Off on Sterling rise gone too far? January 3, in Forex Articles. One of the primary advantages of using Bollinger Bands is that they can be interpreted in many different ways. This can be helpful for traders with stylistic methods or trading goals that vary from the wider major and makes Bollinger Bands a highly flexible tool that can be used by almost anyone.

One of the most popular methods used by traders is to buy a currency once prices reach the lower Bollinger Band and then rise back through the middle Bollinger Band. Conversely, this strategy can also be used for sell positions, which would be initiated when prices rise to the upper Bollinger Band and then fall back below the middle Bollinger Band. This can be seen once prices cross back through the middle Bollinger Band. In the bullish scenario, we can take buy positions once prices reach the lower band and cross back above the middle band.

In the bearish scenario, we can take sell positions once prices reach the upper band and then cross back below the middle Bollinger Band. Trades are taken on the assumption that prices will next travel to the opposite Bollinger Band which is where profits should be taken and trades should be closed. Another way that Bollinger Bands can be interpreted is to use the space between each Bollinger Band as a way of forecasting price activity.

When the Bollinger Bands are seen tightening, this is an indication that market volatility is decreasing. Since markets are unlikely to stay this way for extended periods of time, this is also a suggestion that a breakout is imminent.

Unfortunately, Bollinger Bands cannot tell us which direction will be seen bullish or bearish. But once prices break through the tight Bollinger Bands, significant follow through can be expected. Conversely, critical information can also be seen when Bollinger Bands are very wide apart.

So, when Bollinger Bands are seen as being very wide, it is generally not a good idea to place a trade in the direction of the over-riding trend. Instead, contrarian positions should be considered because the wide Bollinger Bands are giving an indication that the previous trend is ready to end. December 6, in Forex Articles. US non-farm payroll figures released earlier today showed that the US is making decent progress on the employment front and demonstrating that the US economy is recovering better than expected.

Non-farm payroll figures are probably the most important and closely watched economic figures watched by the financial markets. Figures released showed that the US economy added a better than expected , to employment. The unemployment rate fell to 7 per cent in the US. A figure of , was expected and this non-farm payroll figure may be the deciding factor for the Fed decision on December 18 th. The US dollar soon after the release recovered against a number of major currencies and equity markets surged with the Dow Futures currently more than points higher.

However, the surprise , increase may be a double edged sword as the better than expected figures may act as a catalyst in bringing forward tapering. With the US showing signs of stronger recovery, the weakness in the US dollar in recent weeks may start to reverse. With the US dollar above 1. With tapering now seen to be closer, the US dollar will be a major beneficiary when it finally comes. Buy the US dollar! December 5, in Forex Articles. When a price breakout occurs, the market is telling you that the paradigm has shifted and that the previous idea of what was an appropriate value for the currency is now being revised higher or lower.

The market is also telling you that we can expect prices to continue in the same direction the direction of the break going forward. We base this assumption on the fact that markets would not have been able to push prices through the significant resistance level if momentum in the currency was truly in the present in the previous direction.

Bullish breakouts occur when prices make an upward break of resistance, while bearish breakouts occur when prices make a downside break of support. Now that we understand the mechanics of a forex trading breakout, we next need to learn how to increase the probabilities in these trades so that we can maximize gains relative to the trading majority. One way of doing this is to look at market volumes as these support or resistance breaks occur. If trading volumes are low, it is a signal that a majority of the market is not behind the breakout move and that there is a possibility of a false break.

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Original filename: Forex Punch Robot Download. Solicite su Curso Privado a Distancia. Original filename: Forex Punch Robot Ebook. Original filename: Forex Punch Robot Scam. Government's website for federal case data. This information is uploaded quarterly.

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Penipuan trading forex Forex Article 14 Desember Zahir In fact, it's one of the attractive features of Forex trading, that currencies are such a huge market that they generally are moved by macro events. Money Market. There is still division on the speed… Read More. Organisation Structure. The pair has been gliding down along the day moving average.
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